Duration: Level: Suitability:
1-2 Days Beginner/Intermediate/Expert For those managing or thinking of implementing Tableau server



Join us for this 1-2 day course which is designed to take you through a complete Tableau server experience from startup to server expert. As with all our courses our trainers will tailor the course to ensure an interactive and engaging format utilising your own data wherever possible.



  • Understanding Tableau Server Architecture
  • User Permissions
  • Sharing Reports using Tableau Server
  • Scheduling Report and Data Refreshes
  • User Interaction
  • Story Points in Tableau
  • Installation
  • Monitoring Server Usage / Performance
  • Sites vs Projects vs Workbooks vs Views
  • Upgrading Tableau Server
  • User Set Up
  • Command-line Utilities
  • Analysis of Authentication Methods
  • Embedding and API's


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