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Businesses often end up spending huge amounts of money on a Business Intelligence Product, but the successful implementation of this product is all about the right strategy and training. Tableau is an extremely simple product to pick up, but training people in your organisation on the tool will allow you to see the transformation of business intelligence far quicker. From our experience, we feel getting those initial "quick wins" is critical in embedding a business intelligence tool within an organisation, and we can help you get there through our training packages.

We are proud to customise all of our Tableau training sessions to your requirements. Your trainer will work with you to understand your needs, and where you are in your Tableau Journey; based on this, we will design your training course. As well as this, we will advocate utilising your local data during the training sessions; this means all examples presented will be based on data you can relate to, and understand. 

From delivering this style of training to over 400 customers, we have found, that not only do people pick up the tool a lot quicker, but that they walk away with a few dashboards that they can use in their day to day work straight away. As a standard, all of our training will include hints and tips for useful tutorials, how to best utilise the thriving Tableau community, tips on visualisation best practice, and we will share learning’s of rolling out Tableau successfully in organisations. All our trainers are Tableau Qualified Associates with years of experience in using the software.

We offer training in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online WebEdit and Visualisation Workshops, contact us for more information

Our standard Tableau Training packages follow the below structure, but these can be tailored to your needs.

Getting Started With Tableau

(1 day)

Perfect to kick start you on your Tableau journey

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Tableau Training: Intermediate/Advanced

(1/2 days)

Helping you take your Tableau skills up a gear towards Jedi level

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(1/2 days)

If you manage your Tableau Server in your business, this course will take you from getting started, all the way through to being a complete expert in Tableau server administration

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Visual Analytics

(1 day)

Want to get your visual analytics to the next level? This course is for you!

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Classroom Training


Click the link below to find out about our brand new classroom training courses.

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"Training courses are often too generic to truly support organisations with “their” data. Our experience shows, that using data people can relate to often accelerates their learning, and the benefits of the training course are realised much faster"

— Chris Dunigan, Director (Cloudstream Partners)
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  • Tailor courses to your company

    Tailored courses

  • Training using your data

    Training using your data

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    On-site or location training

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