For the first week of #DataDiscussions we had the honour to host Tableau Zen Master Mike Cisneros.
19/03/2018 Hits: 18 Comment
We take a look at the Gartner Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant for 2018.
05/03/2018 Hits: 178 Comment
Andrew talks about our favourite new features for Tableau 10.5...
15/01/2018 Hits: 345 Comment
Time to Talk: Tableau Extensions     So one of the very last announcements of the Tableau conference opening keynote was the reveal of a new API coming soon in the Pipeline, the Tableau extensions API. This is a fantastic new way to extend the functionality of Tableau using javascript.   This may sound a little familiar to those of you who know about Tableaus various API offerings, isn't there already a javascript API? Yes there is, but this has a fundamental difference.   The javascript...
18/10/2017 Hits: 487 Comment
    Post #Data17 Vegas!   We all love to write about what we learnt and liked during the conference and it is great reading them all. I’d thought I would share before it becomes a distant memory and i’ll forget all the details to tell about my experience - it’s nice to see it from many different views.   Conference Overall The conference was just great, the organisation and sheer size of it to accommodate us all was planned out so well. Food was great,...
17/10/2017 Hits: 573 Comment
  My favourite picture from the conference – what a great team!   Keynote - Key points: The Tableau conference keynote had a feeling of some sort of rock concert that you would go to…. 15,000 people in a jam-packed arena passionate about data, Tableau and the community. We managed to get near the front few rows, which was great as we got to catch up with lots of people from the community who we have never met, and only spoken to on Twitter. ·     ...
16/10/2017 Hits: 517 Comment
In this post Andrew looks at some of the improvements in Tableau 10.4 Server and Online.
27/09/2017 Hits: 1161 Comment
Team Cloudstream talk about what we are looking forward to during this year's Tableau Conference.
22/09/2017 Hits: 861 Comment
In this article, Andrew gives us a quick overview of Alteryx and how it can help your data process.
18/09/2017 Hits: 439 Comment
So you are new to Tableau, maybe even this country, and you’ve come to work in Tableau over here. Well lucky for you we have a great community to become apart of where you can meet new people and talk Tableau. The Tableau User Groups are run by dedicated members the community who work with Tableau daily.  ...
12/09/2017 Hits: 326 Comment
 Cloudstream book reviews: Andrew Reviews Alberto Cairo's The Functional Art and shares some of what he learnt.
06/07/2017 Hits: 639 Comment
Waseem talks about the Tableau Conference On Tour in London.
31/05/2017 Hits: 840 Comment
We take a quick look at the 2017 Gartner BI Magic Quadrant...
21/02/2017 Hits: 1789 Comment
In this blogpost, Kyle reflects on his epic Makeover Monday challenge....
30/01/2017 Hits: 1068 Comment
We look at some of our favourite new features announced at the #data16 keynote, and in devs on stage...
18/11/2016 Hits: 1723 Comment
So, with Brexit referendum looking large, I take a look at the myriad of polls that have been conducted to date to see what they are telling us. In this first visualisation I have plotted all the polls to date and used some statistical analysis to see if there has been any change in the nation's mood. I will update this, as well as expand upon the content in the coming weeks prior to the referendum.
30/03/2016 Hits: 1125 Comment
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Team Cloudstream talk about what we are looking forward to during this year's Tableau Conference.
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